FxGiants has been in business for many years and is well known brand and leader of industry, they are registered and regulated and highly rated company.

FXGiants is an international online trading broker, giving access to retail and institutional investors, to over 200 tradable instruments from 6 asset classes. The company operates successfully around the globe and places great emphasis on providing professional and reliable services to all our clients.

FXGiants is committed to provide the highest standard of services with full transparency to clients and become a one-stop destination for online trading.

At FXGiants we are proud of our state of the art order execution, competitive spreads, and most importantly our round-the-clock service and support. We strive to make our client’s trading journey an enjoyable experience and value the relationship of each of our account holders and business partners.

FxGiants offer 100% bonus for trading whereas 40% and 20% bonus is also available, they also give you cover bonus which means your capital is save for first 5 trades, there is no match for their promotions in industry.